International activities

International cooperation is a source of new ideas and a catalyst to improve the quality of our work. Our international activities in turn contribute to the development of audit institutions elsewhere in the world. The principal aim of our international cooperation is to strengthen public administration. We work with the Georgian, Iraqi and Tunisian supreme audit institutions, for example, in the field of institutional development. We exchange specific expertise with the supreme audit institutions in Europe and beyond, and we are members of many international organisations and working groups.

What do we want to achieve from our international activities?

  • Better audits, with increased added value through international cooperation
  • Learning, developing and sharing knowledge in international professional networks,  working groups and coalitions
  • Institutional strengthening of audit institutions abroad through peer-to-peer cooperation.
  • Strong public financial management in partner countries.

This work deepens the public’s trust in government and its performance and operation.

Working on public trust and a well-functioning and well- performing public sector