International professional networks and working groups

We work in accordance with the principles and standards of the INTOSAI Framework of Professional Pronouncements (IFPP) and observe the latest professional developments. We enjoy learning from counterparts and sharing our know-how with other audit institutions. This is reflected in our membership of various organisations and participation in international audit and non-audit working groups.

The Netherlands Court of Audit is an institutional member of the following organisations:


The International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI) was established in 1953. This global organisation has 190 members; its Governing Board meets every year. INTOSAI is supported by regional working groups, taskforces, committees and the INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI). This umbrella organisation for the global government audit community also publishes the International Journal of Government Auditing. The Netherlands Court of Audit is an active member of several working groups and committees engaged in the development of standards for audit institutions, capacity building and agreeing a joint response to developments such as the financial crisis and big data.


The European Organisations of Supreme Audit Institutions (EUROSAI) is one of the 7 regional organisations of INTOSAI, the International Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions. EUROSAI’s Governing Board is made up of 8 members. Its Presidency changes every 3 years. The Netherlands Court of Audit has been a member of the Governing Board for 10 years and President for 3 (2014-2017). We are currently a member of the Working Groups on Environmental Auditing and IT and of the Task Force on Audit & Ethics.

EU Contact Committee

The Netherlands Court of Audit has been working with other supreme audit institutions in the European Union as a member of the Contact Committee (CC) since 1960. The CC’s members are the presidents of the EU member states’ supreme audit institutions and of the European Court of Auditors. The Contact Committee is an autonomous, independent and non-political assembly that is convened every year as a forum to discuss matters of common interest. The Netherlands Court of Audit is a member of several working groups and carries out joint audits of, for instance, the structural funds and banking union.

Global Audit Leadership Forum (GALF) 

The Global Audit Leadership Forum (GALF) is an informal forum made up of the heads of innovative audit institutions from 19 countries. It was set up in 2000 on the initiative of the US Government Accountability Office. The Auditors General and Presidents meet every year to discuss topical and emerging issues that are important to their governments, parliaments and to their own organisations.