Constituency programme

The aim of the Dutch Constituency programme is to share knowledge by means of workshops, seminars and short study visits. The programme is coordinated by the Dutch Ministry of Finance and involves several public bodies, one being the Netherlands Court of Audit.

The Constituency programme was launched in 2014 and will run until 2020. It is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Finance. 

Participating countries

The programme is targeted at potential EU candidate countries and countries with which the Netherlands has historical ties, whether they are already members of the EU or have an ambition to accede. We are already working with Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria and Moldova. Other Constituency countries are Armenia, Georgia, Macedonia, Mongolia, Montenegro, Romania and Ukraine. 

Programme content

Combating corruption and strengthening integrity are high on the agendas of the countries and supreme audit institutions of central and eastern Europe. In our opinion, the starting point lies with the integrity of the audit institutions themselves. Since 2016, we have been working with the audit institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria and Moldova to develop their integrity policies with the aid of IntoSAINT. IntoSAINT is an integrity self-assessment tool developed by the Netherlands Court of Audit that enables audit institutions to formulate integrity policies and take measures to improve their organisational integrity. They can then serve as examples to their own public sectors and audit other organisations with authority. The IntoSAINT tool is an important first step in this direction. 

Apart from IntoSAINT, the Constituency programme consists of various other bilateral cooperation projects. In Moldova, for instance, we are working on the institutional development of the supreme audit institution in order to improve its audit approach and its contacts with external stakeholders.