Mark van Twist

Professor M.J.W. (Mark) van Twist was appointed extraordinary Board member of the Court of Audit on 17 August 2004. 

Mark van Twist is a professor of public administration, specialising in public administration and policy advice in a public-private context at Erasmus University Rotterdam. He is also Board member and dean of the Netherlands School of Public Administration (NSOB). 

After graduating in business administration and public administration at Erasmus University Rotterdam, professor van Twist worked successively as:

  • lecturer and researcher in the Public Administration department of Erasmus University Rotterdam,
  • senior lecturer in the Technology, Public Administration and Management (TBM) faculty, and commercial director of an interfaculty research institute at Delft University,
  • director of Berenschot Procesmanagement BV, a subsidiary of Berenschot Group,
  • professor of public-private cooperation in the Management Sciences faculty of Radboud University Nijmegen.