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Annual Report 2012

Annual Report 2012 Netherlands Court of Audit, March 2013.

Annual report | 28-03-2013

EU Trend Report 2013

Developments in the financial management of the European Union The EU Trend Report 2013 is the 11th edition of an annual report ...

Report | 07-02-2013

Sustainable Fisheries: impact assessment

This impact assessment looks back at an audit of the sustainability of plaice and sole fishing we carried out in 2008. The audit ...

Report | 07-02-2013

Letter to the House of Representatives on limited powers to audit financial supervisors

In a letter to the House of Representatives, the Court of Audit has referred to the limitations currently in place preventing it ...

Report | 25-01-2013

Spending cuts at executive organisations

We have audited the spending cuts being made at executive organisations that carry on a public task, such as the public ...

Report | 24-01-2013

Administrative burden of teaching hours in secondary vocational education

The Minister of Education, Culture and Science's supervision of secondary vocational education institutions produces an ...

Report | 17-01-2013

European public procurement

European rules on public procurement are complicated and compliance is poor throughout Europe, including in the Netherlands. The ...

Report | 27-11-2012

Central Government and Dutch Caribbean: fulfilment of agreements

On 10 October 2010 constitutional reform took place in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. On that date the islands of Bonaire, St ...

Report | 22-11-2012

Adaptation to climate change: strategy and policy

Average temperatures on earth are rising. They are leading to an increase in sea levels, the melting of glaciers, higher (and ...

Report | 15-11-2012

Accounting for bilateral development aid

Case study of sectoral budget support for Uganda The Netherlands Court of Audit has investigated the accounts kept for sectoral ...

Report | 01-11-2012