Accountability Day 2015: The Cabinet is not prepared: Time for implementation

The third Wednesday in May is Accountability Day. That is the day on which the Minister of Finance presents the Central Government Annual Financial Report for 2014 to the House of Representatives of the States General, together with the annual reports of each individual ministry. The President of the Netherlands Court of Audit, Saskia J. Stuiveling, will present the results of the Accountability Survey for 2014 and the Report accompanying the National Statement for 2015.

In the 2014 Accountability Survey, the Netherlands Court of Audit draws specific attention to the resolution of remaining sticking points in the implementation of policy. Those in charge of the Ministries of Defence, Finance, Health, Welfare and Sport are facing particular issues with implementation.

More detailed explanatory notes on the 2014 Accountability Survey will be published in the first half of June.