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  1. Insight into Forest Management

    Staatsbosbeheer, forest management and forest strategy The image that has emerged in recent years that Staatsbosbeheer, the Dutch ...

    Report | 06-12-2022

  2. Focus on strategic stocks

    The Netherlands Court of Audit has investigated the government’s strategic stocks and their availability during an emergency. The ...

    Report | 29-09-2022

  3. Where is the black-tailed godwit?

    Policy to protect meadow birds is not working The policy to protect meadow birds such as the black-tailed godwit is not working. ...

    Report | 14-12-2021

  4. Livestock manure policy

    Sustainable livestock farming: follow-up audit 2019 The Netherlands Court of Audit has audited the livestock farming sector’s ...

    Report | 20-06-2019

  5. Brexit

    Preparation for the financial and economic impact and the consequences for Customs The Netherlands Court of Audit has audited the ...

    Report | 10-12-2018

  6. Supervision of the Netherlands food and consumer product safety authority following the merger

    The Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) was created on 1 January 2012 through the merger of three ...

    Report | 20-11-2013

  7. Tradable rights and the environment

    The whys and wherefores of trading systems for CO2 and NOx emission rights, fishing quotas, milk quotas and animal rights: an ...

    Report | 25-06-2013

  8. Sustainable intensive livestock farming: follow-up audit 2013

    The Court of Audit has carried out a follow-up to its 2008 audit of sustainable intensive livestock farming in the Netherlands. ...

    Report | 22-05-2013

  9. Sustainable Fisheries: impact assessment

    This impact assessment looks back at an audit of the sustainability of plaice and sole fishing we carried out in 2008. The audit ...

    Report | 07-02-2013