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Out of sight

What became of the spending cuts proposed in 2011 for the Ministry of Defence’s budget? The Netherlands Court of Audit has ...

Report | 13-04-2021

Insight into Public Funds (part 2)

Towards future-proof policy budgeting Parliament’s right to approve the central government budget would be strengthened if ...

Report | 12-09-2019

Costs and benefits of budgetary measures 2011-2016

Audit of six years’ spending cuts and tax increases A wide range of measures have been announced in recent years to improve the ...

Report | 03-10-2016

Budgets cuts and intensification at the general intelligence and security service of the Netherlands (AIVD)

The consequences of budgetary turbulence, 2012-2015 We have conducted an investigation into the changes made to the AIVD’s budget ...

Report | 19-05-2015

Implementation and impact of increasing insurance premium tax

The Court of Audit published an audit report on the implementation and impact of increasing insurance premium tax on 3 September ...

Report | 02-09-2014

Implementation and impact of reforming the tax credit for green investments

The Court of Audit published an audit report on the reform of the tax credit available for green investments on 2 September 2014. ...

Report | 02-09-2014

Cuts to childcare allowance

Implementation and impact

Report | 21-05-2014

Supervision of the Netherlands food and consumer product safety authority following the merger

The Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) was created on 1 January 2012 through the merger of three ...

Report | 20-11-2013

Spending cuts at executive organisations

We have audited the spending cuts being made at executive organisations that carry on a public task, such as the public ...

Report | 24-01-2013