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  1. Equality of opportunity in the MBO

    Part 1: Focus on a good starting position for all MBO students The Minister of Education, Culture and Science previously ...

    Report | 12-09-2023

  2. Special Purpose Grants Awarded to the Caribbean Netherlands

    Parliament receives incomplete or inadequately reliable information from the Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (BZK) ...

    Report | 23-06-2021

  3. Budgetary leeway in the forecasts? Multiyear forecasts audited

    We conclude from our audit of five cases that parliament lacks the information necessary to correctly assess the underpinning and ...

    Report | 22-06-2021

  4. Peer Review of The Netherlands Court of Audit

    Positive peer review of the Netherlands Court of Audit, with recommendations At the request of the Netherlands Court of Audit, ...

    Report | 25-01-2021

  5. Air France – KLM share acquisition

    This summary is part of the audit report of the Netherlands Court of Audit on the State’s acquisition of Air France-KLM shares, ...

    Report | 20-05-2020

  6. Insight into Public Funds (part 2)

    Towards future-proof policy budgeting Parliament’s right to approve the central government budget would be strengthened if ...

    Report | 12-09-2019

  7. Revolving funds

    The main question in this exploratory audit was ‘What does the landscape of central government’s revolving funds look like and ...

    Report | 16-04-2019

  8. Brexit

    Preparation for the financial and economic impact and the consequences for Customs The Netherlands Court of Audit has audited the ...

    Report | 10-12-2018

  9. Insight into additional funding of the third Rutte government

    Traceability and reasons for measures The reasons given in the budget documents the House of Representatives and the Senate ...

    Report | 26-09-2018

  10. The central government accounting system: government’s response to the report entitled Revenues and expenses revaluated

    Parliamentary document: Letter to parliament | 05-04-2018