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Billions placed in revolving funds but little accountability

The Dutch government is increasingly using revolving funds to achieve social goals, for example to encourage domestic energy ...

News item | 16-04-2019 | 17:30

Biggest defence procurement project ever is a lesson for the future

Netherlands Court of Audit bundles 20 years of auditing the JSF Lessons can be learnt from the Dutch government’s involvement in ...

News item | 06-03-2019 | 11:30

Stricter checks of JSF invoices

Audit leads to supplementary agreement with the US The invoices the Netherlands receives from the United States for the ...

News item | 31-10-2018 | 00:00

UN mission to Mali: shortcomings in training, materiel and maintenance

Mission pressure is a risk to the readiness of the armed forces Lack of equipment, inadequate training, spare parts that don’t ...

News item | 13-06-2018 | 10:26

Dollar exchange rate risks to procurement of JSF

In a letter to the House of Representatives of 19 January 2016, the Court of Audit considered the risk of the higher euro/dollar ...

News item | 19-01-2016 | 13:22

Court critical about information on procurement of JSF and transition to JSF

In its letter to the Dutch House of Representatives on 10 February, the Netherlands Court of Audit makes a number of critical ...

News item | 10-02-2015 | 15:09

President Stuiveling calls for greater transparency in NATO

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the dozens of entities that operate within it could improve their public ...

News item | 24-11-2014 | 10:14

Public accountability for NATO expenditure: small rays of hope but limited transparency

Quarter of IBAN audit opinions for 2013 qualified or adverse Despite the many small steps taken to enhance transparency, public ...

News item | 18-11-2014 | 10:16

Comments on the Ministry of Defence’s ambitions

In a letter to the House of Representatives of 14 October 2014, the Court of Audit makes a number of comments on the Ministry of ...

News item | 14-10-2014 | 08:38

Ministry of Defence still has a lot of work to do to benefit from new ICT system

The Dutch Ministry of Defence has been introducing a complex ICT system since 2005 to support and improve its operations. The ...

News item | 16-01-2014 | 10:56

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