Improvements in Haiti aid reports

Explanation of outcomes not achieved still desired from aid organisations.

The way in which the Dutch Cooperating Aid Organisations (SHO) inform the Dutch public about the use of donations to the Haiti aid programme following the earthquake in 2010 has improved year on year. Not only is an explanation provided of what the money is spent on, chiefly on shelter, water and sanitary facilities and health care, but differences between the aid organisations' planned and actual outcomes are now also explained. The aid organisations have agreed that overhead costs incurred outside Haiti may not exceed 7% of expenditure. The SHO was below this ceiling at the end of 2012. Furthermore, the aid organisations have reported that 11.5% of total expenditure was spent on programme management costs in Haiti. The SHO has provided more information on these costs.

The Court of Audit's report Accounting for Haiti Aid Funds 2012, published on 11 December 2012, outlines the steps the SHO has taken to improve its public accounts.