Lack of cooperation problematic in accounts for aid donations

SHO aid organisations account for results in detail but not uniformly

People who donated to the Giro 555 campaign organised by the SHO cooperating aid organisations for the disaster in Haiti can still not compare the results achieved by the organisations. This is due largely to differences in how the organisations report their results: some organisations report the numbers of, for example, schools they have built and classrooms they have renovated, others do not report whether they are working on schools or classrooms, while yet others state how many pupils use the new classrooms and schools. The ability to compare the presentation of results is also important to the organisations themselves because it enables them to learn from each other. The SHO can improve the situation in its final report in 2015. The Court of Audit presents these findings in a report entitled Accountability for Haiti Aid Funds 2013 that it published on 9 December 2014.