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  1. Comments on the budgets of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation

    The Court of Audit sent a letter to the House of Representatives on 21 November 2013 with comments on the 2014 budgets of the ...

    News item | 21-11-2013 | 12:00

  2. Spending cuts achieved in development cooperation

    Spending cuts on target, result measurement open to improvement

    News item | 13-11-2013 | 12:49

  3. Further improvement in SHO's accounts of Haiti aid donations

    Aid organisations making slow progress in Haiti, some projects delayed

    News item | 01-11-2012 | 14:34

  4. Budget support requires consistency from the Netherlands

    Court of Audit publishes background study on budget support for developing countries

    News item | 01-11-2012 | 14:32

  5. Spending being cut but the focus of development cooperation policy is not yet reflected in expenditure

    Focus and coherence remain concerns in government policy

    News item | 27-06-2012 | 14:44

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