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  1. Moving towards equality of opportunity in the MBO

    Part 2: What do data and practice tell us? By making concrete agreements on equal opportunities the Minister of Education, ...

    Report | 14-02-2024

  2. Equality of opportunity in the MBO

    Part 1: Focus on a good starting position for all MBO students The Minister of Education, Culture and Science previously ...

    Report | 12-09-2023

  3. EU Law in Practice

    As a member of the European Union, the Netherlands usually loses when the European Commission takes formal steps to resolve its ...

    Report | 15-06-2023

  4. Added Value of EU Grants in the Netherlands

    The Netherlands spent more than €7.4 billion in EU grants in 2014-2020. The European Commission and 4 Dutch ministers are ...

    Report | 18-10-2022

  5. Social security and labour market flexibility

    Social safety nets for workers on flexible labour contracts: the current picture  The Netherlands Court of Audit performed a ...

    Report | 09-12-2020

  6. Individual support to companies during the corona crisis

    Have lessons from the past been applied? Ministers applied lessons learned from previous support operations when assessing ...

    Report | 12-11-2020

  7. Support for big companies – learning from the past

    In a letter to the House of Representatives and the Senate of 26 June 2020, the Netherlands Court of Audit considers the ...

    Publication | 26-06-2020

  8. Air France – KLM share acquisition

    This summary is part of the audit report of the Netherlands Court of Audit on the State’s acquisition of Air France-KLM shares, ...

    Report | 20-05-2020

  9. Employee Insurance Agency, balancing between ambitions and resources

    Are the tasks of the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV) in balance with the people and resources at its disposal? We looked into ...

    Report | 31-01-2017

  10. Civic integration

    First results of the Civic Integration Act 2013 One of the main principles of the Civic Integration Act 2013 is that the person ...

    Report | 24-01-2017

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