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Flexible workers: the biggest risks on the labour market and the least resilience

One fifth of the 1.9 million Dutch workers employed on flexible labour contracts have neither savings nor a partner in work they ...

News item | 09-12-2020 | 09:00

Individual support for companies during the corona crisis: lessons learned from the past often applied

Government earmarks €3.5 billion for targeted support for businesses Ministers applied lessons learned from previous support ...

News item | 12-11-2020 | 14:00

16 lessons learned from previous government measures to support large companies

First publication on ongoing investigation into the corona crisis and support for business In a letter to the House of ...

News item | 26-06-2020 | 00:00

State’s 2019 acquisition of Air France-KLM shares was irregular

The government acted irregularly by not informing parliament in advance of the State of the Netherlands’ acquisition of a 14% ...

News item | 20-05-2020 | 10:30

Employee Insurance Agency working satisfactorily, but the future is less certain

Changing political ambitions frustrate mediation on job market

News item | 31-01-2017 | 11:06

Changes in civic integration policy have not produced better results

Results of the government’s civic integration policy fail to live up to expectations.

News item | 24-01-2017 | 11:09

Adults with literacy and numeracy difficulties: gap between problem and government policy

Results of government policy on functional illiteracy uncertain

News item | 20-04-2016 | 12:57

Comments on the 2015 budget of the Ministry of Social Affairs

The letter on the 2015 budget of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment (SZW) considers, among other things, the ...

News item | 12-11-2014 | 10:20

House of Representatives plays limited role in setting contributions to social insurance funds

Social insurance funds report deficit for first time in many years in 2013

News item | 02-12-2013 | 11:49