Digital Identity Demanding a Lot from DigiD and eHerkenning

Digital identity tool for citizens: goals achieved but uncertainty about future log-in tools

DigiD and eHerkenning are extremely popular log-in tools for citizens and businesses to access online government services. They produce considerable time savings for society as a whole and have largely met the goals set for them. Public authorities, however, are increasingly opting for stricter (and therefore more complex) security measures to use the tools. There is therefore a risk that citizens have more difficulty accessing government services. Furthermore, the government is not adequately prepared for new forms of digital identification.

Why did we audit digital identity?

The world is digitalising. Transactions between citizens and businesses on the one hand and the government on the other are increasingly digital. Digital authentication – are you who you say you are? –  is a precondition for many of the transactions. It is necessary to access the CoronaCheck app and to file digital tax returns. We audited 2 authentication tools: DigiD and eHerkenning. These are currently the only central authentication tools that citizens and businesses can use to log in to online government services in the Netherlands. We investigated DigiD and eHerkenning partly in the light of the forthcoming framework to be introduced under the Digital Government Act (WDO). Other current developments we considered were European digital identity and the EU wallet, a digital folder containing personal information and documentation. We assessed the digital identity services that are currently available, DigiD and eHerkenning, with the aid of an assessment framework especially prepared for the audit.

What were our audit questions?

  1. To what extent have the digital identity goals and the goals for the current DigiD and eHerkenning services been achieved?
  2. How efficient are eHerkenning and DigiD in comparison with each other and with other authentication tools or comparable services at home and abroad?
  3. To what extent does the government manage the quality of DigiD and eHerkenning?

Do you have any feedback on this audit?

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