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Joint Report Air Quality

Many European countries are failing to comply with international and European standards on air quality. Moreover, many ...

Report | 30-01-2019

VAT on Cross-Border Digital Services

Enforcement by the Netherlands Tax and Customs Administration The growth of e-commerce presents a risk to the assessment and ...

Report | 28-11-2018

Report on the National Declaration 2017

The Netherlands Court of Audit expresses an opinion every year on the true and fair view given by the National Declaration. The ...

Report | 17-05-2017

Products sold on the European market: unraveling the system of CE marking

We have audited the EU system of CE marking. Why is it that products that do not meet EU safety, health and environmental ...

Report | 19-01-2017

Report on the National Declaration 2016

The Court of Audit expresses an opinion on the reliability of the National Declaration on Accountability Day (the third Wednesday ...

Report | 18-05-2016

The economic governance of the European Union

Speech | Brussel| Kees Vendrik Presentation of the Interparliamentary Conference on Stability, Economic Coordination and ...

Speech | 17-02-2016

EU Trend Report 2016

Developments in the financial management of the European Union The EU Trend Report 2016 is our 14th annual report on developments ...

Report | 27-01-2016

Report on the National Statement 2015

The National Statement is the method used by the Cabinet to render itself accountable to the European Commission and the Dutch ...

Report | 20-05-2015

EU Trend Report 2015

The EU Trend Report 2015 is the 13th annual report on trends in the EU’s financial management. It focuses on the way in which the ...

Report | 10-02-2015

Report on the National Declaration 2014

Dutch declaration to account for the use of EU funds under shared management The National Declaration 2014 accounts for the ...

Report | 21-05-2014

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