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EU Trend Report 2015

The EU Trend Report 2015 is the 13th annual report on trends in the EU’s financial management. It focuses on the way in which the ...

Report | 10-02-2015

Report on the National Declaration 2014

Dutch declaration to account for the use of EU funds under shared management The National Declaration 2014 accounts for the ...

Report | 21-05-2014

EU Trend Report 2014

Developments in the financial management of the European Union The EU Trend Report 2014 is the 12th annual report to be issued ...

Report | 11-02-2014

Coordinated audit on the enforcement of the European Waste Shipment Regulation

Joint report based on eight national audits The supreme audit institutions of Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Slovenia, Poland, ...

Report | 14-10-2013

Report on the national declaration 2013

Positive opinion on Duch nationale declaration 2013. No information on Dutch remittances to EU and on efficiency The accounts ...

Report | 15-05-2013

EU Trend Report 2013

Developments in the financial management of the European Union The EU Trend Report 2013 is the 11th edition of an annual report ...

Report | 07-02-2013

Sustainable Fisheries: impact assessment

This impact assessment looks back at an audit of the sustainability of plaice and sole fishing we carried out in 2008. The audit ...

Report | 07-02-2013

European public procurement

European rules on public procurement are complicated and compliance is poor throughout Europe, including in the Netherlands. The ...

Report | 27-11-2012

Enforcement of the European Waste Shipment Regulation

Not all waste shipments are legal and there is a risk that waste shipped to countries outside Europe, in particular, will be ...

Report | 04-10-2012

Combating alcohol and tobacco duty fraud

EU policy: compliance and effects Differences in excise duty rates between the member states of the European Union (EU) make the ...

Report | 05-06-2012