Comments on the Ministry of Finance's budget

The Court of Audit will forward a series of letters on the government's 2014 budget to the House of Representatives in the coming weeks.

The first letter, on the Ministry of Finance's budget, will be sent on 26 September 2013. It will state that the government is providing the House of Representatives with less information on the progress of the various plans to cut public expenditure, although the 2014 Budget Memorandum contains more information than the 2013 Budget Memorandum.
The letter invites the House of Representatives to ask the minister what expenditure he thinks will ultimately be recouped through the sale of ABN AMRO bank. The balance of expenditure and income is several billion euros higher than the figure the minister reported to the House in August.
The letter also considers the information provided on guarantee schemes entered into, supervision of the EU emergency funds, and Dutch housing associations, hospitals and other semi-public institutions and state holdings.

The letter is only available in Dutch.