Information on Credit Crunch website updated

The figures on the themed website have been updated. The Court of Audit explained what changes have been made in a letter to the House of Representatives on 23 January 2014.

The themed website follows the financial aftermath of the measures taken by the State to support the financial industry in the Netherlands during and after the credit crunch in 2008.
The latest update relates to, amongst other things, the conversion of Property Finance (the real estate arm) of SNS Bank into an independent entity. Since its acquisition of SNS, the State has provided €2.7 billion in capital, a €0.6 billion facility, a €1.1 billion loan and €5.0 billion in guarantees plus a €2.7 billion guarantee facility to the nationalised bank and insurance group SNS REAAL. These figures are disclosed on the themed site.
Updated informed has also been included on transactions with ING and other financial institutions and on the latest repayment by Iceland from the bankrupt assets of Landsbanki (the government had already reimbursed Dutch account holders for losses incurred at Icesave).

The letter is only in Dutch available.