Comments on the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport's 2014 budget

The House of Representatives received a letter from the Court of Audit on the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport's budget on 22 October 2013.

  • The minister has improved the provision of financial information in general but does not explain why the expenditure incurred under the Healthcare Insurance Act (Zvw) is increasing and is forecast to reach €9.6 billion in 2018.
  • The minister does not explain how she will use the macro management instrument to make up for any financial setbacks in specialist medical care.
  • The proposed decentralisations of youth care, participation and social support will transfer important tasks to the municipalities. The minister must elaborate upon how information will be provided on the operation of the new Youth Act. 

To illustrate the need for further improvements in the provision of information, the Court of Audit has posted a web infographic.

The letter is one of a series sent to the House of Representatives on the government's 2014 budget.

The letter is only available in Dutch.