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  1. Investments in higher education

    Research universities and universities of applied science collectively gave the Minister of Education, Culture and Science an ...

    Report | 25-01-2018

  2. University real estate, 20 years after the transfer of ownership

    Part 2: real estate management and governance Dutch universities are planning to invest more than €3 billion in real estate in ...

    Report | 18-01-2018

  3. University real estate

    Part 1: Financial supervision of the sector Public real estate is paid for from the public purse, represents public capital and ...

    Report | 06-10-2016

  4. Quality control in higher education in the Netherlands and Flanders: follow-up audit 2013

    Report by the Belgian Court of Audit and the Netherlands Court of Audit to the Flemish Parliament and the House of ...

    Report | 12-09-2013

  5. Funds flows in higher professional education in 2010

    Picture at three higher professional education colleges The Court of Audit has mapped out the income and expenditure of the 37 ...

    Report | 28-06-2012