Economic study repaid from eight years’ income tax

200-year-old Court of Audit carries out audits with and for school children

Each person studying economics at university costs the government about €73,000. The students themselves pay a further €12,000. The income tax paid by a woman who goes to work immediately after completing her study will repay the government’s outlay in eight years. She will earn back the costs paid by herself and her parents within four years.
A secondary vocational course costs a student about €3,000 and the government about €48,000 (for basic vocational education at level 1 or 2). The income tax paid by a boy who starts work immediately after completing the course will repay the government’s contribution in 15 years. He will earn back his own costs within a year.
These are two of the findings of the Student Audit published on 5 June 2014. The Court of Audit calculated the pay-back time of pre-higher education, senior general secondary education and pre-vocational secondary education.

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