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Vehicle taxes as a policy instrument

Impact of electric cars and commercial vehicles on tax revenues, air quality and the climate  Tax incentives for electric cars ...

Report | 24-06-2020

The cyber security of the border controls operated by Dutch border guards at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

The cyber security of the border controls carried out by Dutch border guards at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is neither adequate ...

Report | 20-04-2020

Vehicle taxation as a policy instrument

Vehicle taxes raised approximately €16.6 billion for the Dutch government in 2018. They consist of car and motorcycle tax (BPM), ...

Report | 27-11-2019

Strengthening the digital defences: the cyber security and critical water structures

An audit into how the Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management is preparing to deal with cyber attacks against critical ...

Report | 28-03-2019

Maintenance of the main water system

How much money is needed to maintain dams, dikes and storm surge barriers and how does the Minister of Infrastructure and the ...

Report | 15-12-2016

Operation of the Betuwe Line

Report on the audit of budget chapter XV In 2006 the Dutch central government had high hopes for the Betuwe freight railway line. ...

Report | 18-05-2016

The cost of maintainning the Dutch waterway network

Is the Dutch government setting aside enough money to manage and maintain the country’s network of main waterways? In response to ...

Report | 14-10-2015

Maintaining the main road network

The Netherlands Court of Audit has investigated the budgetary problems surrounding the maintenance of the main road network in ...

Report | 15-10-2014

High-speed line south: a report in images

The Court of Audit has issued several reports in recent years on the problems surrounding the construction and operation of the ...

Report | 01-07-2014

Contract management of DBFMO projects

Design, Build, Finance, Maintain and Operate (DBFMO) contracts are a form of public private partnership that the government uses ...

Report | 06-06-2013