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Corona testing. What happened in the spring

More people could probably have been tested for coronavirus in the first months of the pandemic’s outbreak. Testing equipment was ...

Report | 23-09-2020

Hilversum in View

Hilversum in View, The Efficiency of the Dutch Public Broadcaster The Dutch Public Broadcaster (NPO) is responsible for ...

Report | 10-12-2019

Data management: the system of basic registers for citizens and businesses

Basic registers contain information on our identity, income, work, homes and vehicles – to give just a few examples. The ...

Report | 18-06-2019

Revolving funds

The main question in this exploratory audit was ‘What does the landscape of central government’s revolving funds look like and ...

Report | 16-04-2019

University real estate, 20 years after the transfer of ownership

Part 2: real estate management and governance Dutch universities are planning to invest more than €3 billion in real estate in ...

Report | 18-01-2018

Employee Insurance Agency, balancing between ambitions and resources

Are the tasks of the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV) in balance with the people and resources at its disposal? We looked into ...

Report | 31-01-2017

University real estate

Part 1: Financial supervision of the sector Public real estate is paid for from the public purse, represents public capital and ...

Report | 06-10-2016

Funding of secondary education

There are different views on the financial health of the secondary education sector. According to the Secondary Education ...

Report | 23-06-2014

Supervision of housing asscociations

Housing associations have attracted controversy in recent years for their alleged financial mismanagement. They are currently the ...

Report | 04-06-2014

Spending cuts at executive organisations

We have audited the spending cuts being made at executive organisations that carry on a public task, such as the public ...

Report | 24-01-2013

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