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  1. Tackling the housing shortage

    The Dutch central government released €1 billion in 2020 and 2021 as an incentive for municipalities to build more houses. The ...

    Report | 23-06-2022

  2. Revolving funds

    The main question in this exploratory audit was ‘What does the landscape of central government’s revolving funds look like and ...

    Report | 16-04-2019

  3. Understanding public money flows

    Invitation to debate the issue of public accountability What do future parliaments need to gain an insight into how future ...

    Report | 13-07-2016

  4. Macrobudgets for the Youth Act and Social Support Act 2015

    Audit of the calculations

    Report | 13-05-2014

  5. Budget for decentralisaion of youth care

    Check of the calculation The central government and municipalities want to position government tasks closer to the public. The ...

    Report | 18-06-2013

  6. Municipal youth and family centres

    A joint audit with municipal audit offices We have audited the establishment of Youth and Family Centres (CJGs). Together with ...

    Report | 13-06-2012

  7. Budget for decentralisation of exceptional medical expenses assistance

    Audit of the calculation At the request of the State Secretary for Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS) and of the Association of ...

    Report | 31-05-2012