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  1. Out of sight

    What became of the spending cuts proposed in 2011 for the Ministry of Defence’s budget? The Netherlands Court of Audit has ...

    Report | 13-04-2021

  2. Sights set on the replacement of submarines

    The study phase reviewed In 2016 the Minister of Defence commenced a new procurement project to replace its submarines. In ...

    Publication | 12-10-2020

  3. Transparency and accountability for NATO expenditure

    Letter to parliament on developments in transparency and accountability for NATO expenditure.

    Report | 03-11-2016

  4. Letter on NATO expenditure

    Report | 01-10-2013

  5. Audit of NATO expenditure

    The Netherlands Court of Audit informed the House of Representatives of developments in financial management at NATO by letter of ...

    Report | 20-09-2012