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  1. Focus on supply teachers

    Supply teachers hired through an agency cost secondary schools considerably more than the teachers they employ directly. The ...

    Report | 24-04-2024

  2. Primary and senior school buildings: a practical audit

    Municipalities and school boards are responsible for some 10,000 primary and secondary school buildings. The challenges they ...

    Report | 04-02-2016

  3. Education monitor

    Dashboard to track developments in primary education, secondary education and secondary vocational education The Minister of ...

    Report | 04-06-2015

  4. Funding of secondary education

    There are different views on the financial health of the secondary education sector. According to the Secondary Education ...

    Report | 23-06-2014

  5. Are Dutch primary schools capable of offering ‘needs-based education’?

    Among the objectives set by the Dutch government for the country’s primary schools are, firstly, the adoption of a system of ...

    Report | 02-07-2013

  6. Central Government and Dutch Caribbean: fulfilment of agreements

    On 10 October 2010 constitutional reform took place in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. On that date the islands of Bonaire, St ...

    Report | 22-11-2012