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  1. Energy Retrofit Fund: no free money

    Costs, results and lessons for revolving funds The National Energy Retrofit Fund (ERF) is a scheme to make homes sustainable. By ...

    Report | 13-12-2022

  2. Revolving funds

    The main question in this exploratory audit was ‘What does the landscape of central government’s revolving funds look like and ...

    Report | 16-04-2019

  3. Real estate in the secondary vocational education sector

    Questions about affordability Falling student numbers in the secondary vocational education (MBO) sector will exert pressure on ...

    Report | 25-03-2019

  4. University real estate, 20 years after the transfer of ownership

    Part 2: real estate management and governance Dutch universities are planning to invest more than €3 billion in real estate in ...

    Report | 18-01-2018

  5. University real estate

    Part 1: Financial supervision of the sector Public real estate is paid for from the public purse, represents public capital and ...

    Report | 06-10-2016

  6. Primary and senior school buildings: a practical audit

    Municipalities and school boards are responsible for some 10,000 primary and secondary school buildings. The challenges they ...

    Report | 04-02-2016

  7. Real estate operation at the national police force

    Efficient and effective real estate management The national police force formed on 1 January 2013 must save €76.5 million a year ...

    Report | 08-07-2015

  8. Accommodated by the Central Government Real Estate Agency

    Efficient and effective management of government real estate The RVB must make significant savings: €142 million on office ...

    Report | 10-06-2015

  9. Contract management of DBFMO projects

    Design, Build, Finance, Maintain and Operate (DBFMO) contracts are a form of public private partnership that the government uses ...

    Report | 06-06-2013