Letter on developments at the National Police Force

In a letter to the House of Representatives of 11 November 2014, the Court of Audit comments on a number of points in the 2015 budget of the National Police Force. The House will debate the budget with the Minister of Security and Justice soon.

The letter considers the Minister’s role and managerial responsibilities to set a framework for the National Police Force. It also describes discrepancies between the budget the Minister has submitted to the House and the management plan for the police force. The Minister has set a number of priorities but has not explained to the House what funds will be released to achieve them and what deliverables are expected from the use of police officers and resources. The Court of Audit also points out to the House that the staffing level of the police force is declining far less quickly than the Minister had foreseen. This will also have financial consequences.

The letter is only in Dutch available.