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  1. Dutch benefit payments outside the Netherlands 

    Employee Insurance Agency’s implementation and control of the export of benefit payments About 2% of all the benefits paid out by ...

    Report | 22-06-2022

  2. Focus on the Tax and Customs Administration’s enforcement of false self-employment law

    The Tax and Customs Administration’s approach to false self-employment in the engagement of specialists in various business ...

    Report | 05-04-2022

  3. Offenders scot-free, victims not helped

    Problems tackling labour exploitation The increase in the number of inspectors at the SZW Inspectorate in recent years has not ...

    Report | 28-09-2021

  4. Income Schemes for the Elderly Dissected

    The Dutch population is aging. Statistics Netherlands has forecast that there will be nearly half a million more people aged over ...

    Report | 13-11-2019

  5. Benefit repayments

    Six million households in the Netherlands receive benefit payments every year. Those who receive too much have to pay the excess ...

    Report | 13-06-2019

  6. Employee Insurance Agency, balancing between ambitions and resources

    Are the tasks of the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV) in balance with the people and resources at its disposal? We looked into ...

    Report | 31-01-2017

  7. Civic integration

    First results of the Civic Integration Act 2013 One of the main principles of the Civic Integration Act 2013 is that the person ...

    Report | 24-01-2017

  8. Tackling problem debt

    Tackling problem debt is high on the agenda of both government and the House of Representatives. It is estimated that 16% of all ...

    Report | 30-06-2016

  9. Cuts to childcare allowance

    Implementation and impact

    Report | 21-05-2014