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  1. Netherlands learns little from disputes with EU

    Netherlands average member state for correct implementation of EU law As a member of the European Union, the Netherlands usually ...

    News item | 15-06-2023 | 11:00

  2. No large-scale logging, but also no national insight into results of forest management

    Uncertain whether forest management will achieve intended results  The image that has emerged in recent years that ...

    News item | 06-12-2022 | 07:00

  3. EU grants make a difference, but do not necessarily meet the greatest challenges

    More than €7 billion spent in 7 years: recipients satisfied The Netherlands spent more than €7.4 billion in EU grants in ...

    News item | 18-10-2022 | 06:30

  4. Rules to prevent manure pollution are the cause of the problem rather than the solution

    Changes in laws and regulations have not helped reduce manure pollution. On the contrary, the accumulation of rules seems to be ...

    News item | 20-06-2019 | 16:30

  5. Unsubsidised wind farms unlikely in the near future, despite sharp fall in costs

    The cost of offshore wind energy is projected to fall spectacularly. Unsubsidised offshore wind farms, however, are unlikely in ...

    News item | 27-09-2018 | 00:00

  6. Consideration of water quality in I&M budget

    In a letter to the House of Representatives of 15 October 2014, the Court of Audit commented on a number of matters in the 2015 ...

    News item | 15-10-2014 | 10:39

  7. Court of Audit: open data map of protected nature areas

    If businesses, municipalities, provinces or other public bodies want to carry out a construction project, including road ...

    News item | 16-04-2014 | 10:13

  8. Appoint a single nature manager for the Wadden area

    Thirteen managing authorities currently active; complex organisation an obstacle to achieving goals

    News item | 28-11-2013 | 11:50

  9. Comments on the Ministry of Economic Affairs' 2014 agriculture and nature budget

    The Court of Audit submitted a second letter on the Ministry of Economic Affairs' 2014 budget to the House of Representatives on ...

    News item | 21-10-2013 | 13:01