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  1. Decision to audit system of personal care budgets postponed

    The Netherlands Court of Audit has decided to postpone a decision to audit the new system of personal care budgets (the PGB 2.0 ...

    News item | 10-12-2019 | 00:00

  2. Early application for long-term care does not increase likelihood of access

    The likelihood of someone receiving care under the Long-Term Care Act (WLZ) is not affected by the municipality in which he or ...

    News item | 06-06-2018 | 00:00

  3. Regional differences in long-term health care use difficult to explain

    Government’s planned saving of €500 million uncertain

    News item | 09-06-2015 | 14:40

  4. Ministries reduce uncertainty about the budget for the Youth Act and the Social Support Act

    Still uncertainty about the timely transfer of €90 million to the municipalities for youth care

    News item | 13-05-2014 | 10:07

  5. Consequences of reforming long-term care for clients

    Simulation to inform parliament’s debate of the reform of the Exceptional Medical Expenses Insurance scheme

    News item | 22-04-2014 | 10:11