Management team

The management team (MT) consists of the Secretary-General and seven directors and is headed by the Secretary-General. The MT is responsible for the quality of the organisation and the audits.

Audit directorates

To ensure the long-term sustainability of its organisation, the Court of Audit is restructuring itself so that it is fit for today’s world. We are reducing the number of management tiers, creating more opportunities for internal development based on knowledge and expertise and are promoting the flexible deployment of our people.

Directorate  Ministry Programme Audit line Director

General Affairs; Finance

Revenues Institutional drs. Maaike Adema

Interior and Kingdom Relations; Housing and the Central Government Sector

Accountability audit, Permanent development

Personnel, ICT, Real estate

drs. Mark Smolenaars
C Accountability audit coordination and Financial audit drs. Bas Wakkerman RA MGA

Foreign Affairs; Security and Justice; Defence

Performance audits & coordination,

Flash audits

Security dr. Ellen Verolme

Education, Culture and Science; Social Affairs and Employment; Health, Welfare and Sport

Care and Social Security Decentralisation

drs. Willemijn van Helden


Infrastructure and the Environment; Economic Affairs 

Sustainable Public Finances Sustainability mr.drs. Joost van Hofwegen

Corporate staff directorate

Director:  Lucienne Kelfkens a.i.

Group Manager
Corporate and International Affairs drs. Arjen Konijnenberg
Human and Financial Resources drs. Eelke Pol
Information and Operational Services drs. Nicole van Weringh