The Netherlands Court of Audit consists of the Board and the administrative organization.


The Netherlands Court of Audit’s Board consists of three members.


The Secretary-General is the organisation’s principal administrator.

Management Team

The Management Team consists of 6 audit directors and 1 Corporate Affairs director.

Audit Department A

Ministries: General Affairs, Finance

Programme: Revenues

Audit Department B

Ministries: Interior & Kingdom Affairs

Programme: Accountability Audit, Permanent Development

Audit Department C

Ministries: Foreign Affairs

Programme:Accountability Audit Coordination and Financial Audit

Audit Department D

Ministries: Justice & Security, Defence

Programme: Innovative Audit (DOEN)

Audit Department E

Ministries: Education, Culture & Science, Social Affairs & Employment, Health, Welfare & Sport

Programme: Care and Social Security

Audit Department F

Ministries: Economic Affairs & Climate Policy, Infrastructure & the Environment, Agriculture, Nature & Food Quality

Programme: Sustainable Public Finances

Corporate Affairs Department

Corporate and International Affairs, Human and Financial Resources, Information and Operational Services.