Opportunity to improve performance of the criminal justice system

Minister must exercise clearer control: from reporting offences to enforcing punishment

The Minister of Security and Justice is responsible for crime detection, prosecution, judgement and punishment. He could achieve more from this process if he improved the supply of information and the quality of management. Our audit found that the organisations involved in the criminal justice system do not know how many violent or property offences, contrary to the rules, are not followed up or dealt with. The police and the Public Prosecution Service sometimes invest a great deal of time in cases that are ultimately not followed up. Furthermore, it is not known how many and what kind of cases the Public Prosecution Service sends back to the police or what is done with them. Moreover, prison sentences are often not served and fines are not collected. Good information and better control by the minister would improve the performance of the criminal justice system. The Court of Audit presents these conclusions in a report entitled Performance of the Criminal Justice System published on 29 February 2012.