Comments on the Ministry of Security and Justice's budget

The Court of Audit today sent a letter the House of Representatives with comments on the 2014 budget of the Ministry of Security and Justice.

The letter draws the House's attention to the following points:

  • In May 2013 the Court of Audit had found in its audit of the ministry's annual accounts that the ministry was not in control of its financial management. Despite the measures taken by the ministry, it is still not in control.
  • In 2012 the Court of Audit had concluded in its report Performance of the Criminal Justice System that an unknown and undesirable number of cases were leaving the criminal justice system (the chain of police/Public Prosecution Service/courts and the enforcement of sentences and performance of probation services). We now find that the minister has taken many measures for improvement and has set ambitions and goals. The national police force is playing an important part in improving the performance of the criminal justice system, but the ministry's budget does not disclose the resources it is using to do so.

The Court of Audit had sent a letter to the House of Representatives on 4 November drawing attention to the 2014 budget of the national police force.

The Court of Audit also published a progress report entitled Improvements at the Immigration and Naturalisation Service, State in 2012 today.