IND took longer to process applications for standard residence permits in 2012

INDiGO operational later than planned, IND continuing with personnel cuts

On average, people who want to enter the Netherlands to live, work or study did not receive their residence permits within the statutory term in 2012. The number of objections and complaints made to the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) has been increasing since 2009. The longer time required to deal with permit applications, objections and complaints is due in part to the later than planned introduction of the INDiGO system. INDiGO must help the IND's staff work more efficiently and so permit a reduction in personnel numbers. Staff numbers have already been cut by 14% since 2005, yet INDiGO is not yet fully operational. The Court of Audit presents these findings in its Progress report, Improvements at the Immigration and Naturalisation Service, State in 2012, which it published on 14 November 2013. The State Secretary for Security and Justice wrote in his response to the report that the implementation of INDiGO would be completed in 2013. He noted that the processing time for residence permits had been declining again since the beginning of 2013.