Minister of Defence supports NATO project

The Dutch minister of Defence Ms. Hennis-Plasschaert supports the initiative of the Netherlands Court of Audit to visualize funds flows of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) at a sitting with the Committee for Defence of Parliament.

The Netherlands Court of Audit  sent a letter to Parliament the 1st of October 2013 to announce its initiative to visualize  NATO’s funds flows. During a sitting of the Committee for Defence at 17th of October the minister of Defence stated that she fully supports our  initiative and that she will  table this issue once again during the next ministerial meeting. She considers it important that NATO funds and the national contributions are spent well. The aims of our initiative  will be to provide taxpayers with an insight on NATO's funds flows purely on the basis of public information

This initiative is based on our third consecutive conclusion that NATO's financial management is still a matter of concern. We have come to that conclusion together with the supreme audit institutions of the NATO member countries and with the International Board of Auditors for NATO, IBAN.