Strategy 2016-2020: Trust based on understanding

In its strategic document for 2016-2020, the Court of Audit looks at recent developments inside and outside government and presents its long-term audit programmes for the State’s revenues and sectors funded from social security and health contributions.

Higher priority will also be given to auditing the social impact of government policy. The public euro and the provision of information to parliament are areas of constant concern. Insight into government performance strengthens confidence in democratic and the rule of law.

On the same day that it published its Strategy 2016-2020: Insight as a basis for confidence, 24 March 2016, the Court of Audit issued its annual report for 2015. The Court sees it as its mission to contribute to the proper functioning of government. Its third trend report on open data, also published on the same date, shows that ministers went to greater lengths in 2015 to make more data openly available.