Joint statement by the High Councils of State: democratic process must continue

The presidents of the House of Representatives and the Senate, the vice-president of the Council of State, the president of the Netherlands Court of Audit and the National Ombudsman discussed the functioning of democratic institutions during the corona crisis by telephone on Monday 6 April and agreed to issue the following joint statement:

“Together, we believe the democratic process must continue as normal, despite all the current restrictions in the interest of public health. The five High Councils of State will continue their regular activities in these months as effectively as they can, with the aid of digital information and communication technology where necessary and possible. Precisely in difficult times, high quality advice, thorough public deliberation and decision-making, effective checks of accountability for the use of public funds and appropriate scrutiny of the scrupulousness and regularity of government action must be fully guaranteed.”

Khadija Arib
Jan Anthonie Bruijn
Thom de Graaf
Arno Visser
Reinier van Zutphen