Vacancy on the Court of Audit’s Board: four candidates.

The Court of Audit has drawn up a list of four candidates to fill the vacancy on its Board. The Court sent the list of recommended candidates to the House of Representatives on 14 July 2020.

The Court of Audit’s preferred list order is as follows:                                                                                                                           

  1. Ms H.M.B Joziasse MiF
    ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Amman, Jordan
  2. Ms Professor M.J. Jacobs
    senior adviser to the Ministry of Justice and Security; endowed professor, VU University, Amsterdam
  3. Ms M.M. de Boer
    independent lawyer; member of the Senate of the States General
  4. Ms J.M.A. Kemna RE CISA IDP-C
    holder of various supervisory directorships; IT auditor; extraordinary Board member of the Court of Audit

The application procedure to fill a vacancy on the Court of Audit’s Board is laid down in the Government Accounts Act 2016. The Act states that the Court of Audit must draw up a list of at least four recommended candidates for the vacancy and forward it to the House of Representatives. A public application procedure was held for candidates to express an interest in the position.

In accordance with its own procedures, the House of Representatives adopts a nomination list of three persons. The Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations submits the nomination list to the cabinet. The new Board member is then appointed by royal decree. The Court of Audit’s Board members are appointed for life.

The vacancy at the Court of Audit has arisen due to the forthcoming departure of Board member Francine Giskes on 15 October 2020. On completion of the procedure, the Board will again have its full complement of three members. The Court of Audit’s other Board members are Arno Visser (President) and Ewout Irrgang. The Court of Audit hopes to welcome its new member at the end of 2020.