Comments on the ministers' draft budgets

Each year the Netherlands Court of Audit prepares letters with comments that parliament can use in its debate of the ministers’ draft budgets.

On 6 October 2022, we sent letters to the House of Representatives regarding the draft budgets for 2023 of 10 ministers. The letters draw attention to specific aspects of each budget.

The draft budgets had been prepared by the Minster of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, the Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, the Minister of Social Affairs and Employment, the Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport, the Minister of Education, Culture and Science, the Minister of Defence, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, the Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management, and the Minister of Justice and Security. 

A good budget lays the foundations for good accountability. And good accountability in turn lays the foundations for the following year’s budget.
We had already sent letters on the draft budgets of the Minister of Finance and the Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations on 28 September 2022.

The letters are only available in Dutch.