Four candidates to fill Board vacancy at Netherlands Court of Audit

A list of four candidates has been drawn up to fill the vacancy on the Court of Audit’s Board. The Court forwarded its list of recommended candidates to the House of Representatives on 23 March 2023.

The Court of Audit has ordered its recommended candidates as follows:

  1. P. (Pieter) Duisenberg RC
    President, Universities of the Netherlands
  2. R. A. (Rosemarijn Agnes) Vermeij 
    Chair, Independent commission for a future proof disability benefits framework 
  3. A.H.E. (Xander) Koolman 
    Professor of Health Economics, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
  4. E. (Barbara Elisabeth) Baarsma 
    Professor of Applied Economic Research, University of Amsterdam 

The application procedure for a vacancy on the Court of Audit’s Board is laid down in the Government Accounts Act 2016. The Government Accounts Act states that the Court must draw up a list of at least four recommended candidates for the vacancy and forward it to the House of Representatives. Interested parties could put themselves forward for the vacancy by means of an open application procedure.

The House of Representatives follows its own procedure to adopt a list of three persons. The Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations then forwards the list to the cabinet. Appointment of a new Board member is subsequently made by Royal Decree. A member of the Court of Audit’s Board is appointed for life.

The vacancy at the Court of Audit arose through the departure of President Arno Visser as of 1 January 2023. The other Board members are Ewout Irrgang (acting President) and Barbara Joziasse. The Court of Audit hopes to welcome the new Board member in mid-2023. When the new member takes office, a new President will be appointed from among the three ordinary sitting members.