SAIs of Suriname and the Netherlands: sharing knowledge and expertise

The supreme audit institutions of the Netherlands and Suriname signed a Memorandum of Understanding this week for the exchange of knowledge and expertise. To complement its regularity audits of revenue and expenditure, the Supreme Audit Institution of Suriname wishes to audit the results of policy for citizens and businesses.

A delegation of the Board of SAI Suriname headed by its President, Shaan Bhoendie, visited The Hague from 3 – 6 October. Besides discussions at the Netherlands Court of Audit, the programme included working visits to the House of Representatives, the National Ombudsman and the Ministries of Finance and Foreign Affairs.

Voorzitter Shaan Bhoendie van de Rekenkamer van de Suriname
President Shaan Bhoendie of the Supreme Audit Institution of Suriname thanks Joost Sneller (right), chair of the Committee on Government Expenditure, for the reception in the House of Representatives. Watching on the left, Barbara Joziasse of the Court of Audit’s Board.

Project funded by Foreign Affairs

Cooperation between the two SAIs will continue until the end of 2015 and is being funded from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Makandra programme. The programme provides technical assistance for Suriname to strengthen rule of law, improve good governance and support its setting of conditions for sustainable development and economic growth.

Cooperation in performance audits

The Netherlands Court of Audit and SAI Suriname will work together on their further professionalisation in accordance with the International Standards of Supreme Audit Institutions (ISSAI). The project’s core aim is to learn from each other’s working methods and experiences, with a special focus on strengthening SAI Suriname’s performance audits. President Shaan Bhoendie of SAI Suriname and the Court of Audit’s Board member Barbara Joziasse accordingly signed a Memorandum of Understanding on 6 October.