International cooperation

This animation shows why the Court of Audit is collaborating internationally. A number of examples explain how this works.

We are the Netherlands Court of Audit.
We check whether the government spends its money efficiently, effectively and economically so that the government acts transparently and in the public interest.
To strengthen the quality and impact of our work, we are part of a worldwide network of supreme audit institutions.
We are linked to each other by our common organisations professional standards and the same mission: the independent audit of government revenue and expenditure.
Through international cooperation, we nourish each other with knowledge and expertise.
Together, we carry out audits of cross-border issues such as air quality and banking supervision and we improve our techniques, such as data analytics.
We also strengthen one another by talking to each other about current affairs and dilemmas and we coach each other in audit methods and effective communication.
We stand up for each other if the independence of one of us is being compromised. 
Some audit institutions are firmly rooted in their societies.
Others are still young and are finding their feet but through international cooperation we help each other to be strong, dynamic and relevant.
This is how we contribute to sustainable development and good governance for people in the Netherlands and worldwide.