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  1. Focus on dairy farming grants in the Netherlands

    Under the EU eco-scheme, dairy farmers in the Netherlands who do more for the climate, nature and the environment receive higher ...

    Report | 27-06-2024

  2. Productivity in perspective

    At the request of the House of Representatives, the Netherlands Court of Audit has investigated developments in the productivity ...

    Report | 05-06-2024

  3. Sights set on the replacement of submarines, part 2

    Procurement phase reviewed Provisional award decision for new submarines: careful and transparent The Minister of Defence’s ...

    Report | 23-05-2024

  4. State of central government accounts 2023

    Think big, act realistically Accountability Audit 2023: little insight into results of additional funding The fourth Rutte ...

    Report | 15-05-2024

  5. Kingdom Relations and the BES Fund

    The Netherlands Court of Audit has audited the Annual Report 2023 and the operational management of Kingdom Relations and the BES ...

    Report | 15-05-2024

  6. Focus on supply teachers

    Supply teachers hired through an agency cost secondary schools considerably more than the teachers they employ directly. The ...

    Report | 24-04-2024

  7. The human dimension at the UWV

    Audit of the implementation and impact of the employee incapacity insurance scheme Many people are trapped by government rules. ...

    Report | 18-04-2024

  8. Pathway out of the pandemic

    Audit of COVID-19 vaccine procurement The Netherlands procured 102 million COVID-19 vaccines at a cost of €1.8 billion in 2020 ...

    Report | 10-04-2024

  9. Pathway out of the pandemic

    Video | 10-04-2024

  10. Carbon storage under the North Sea

    On profits under water Carbon dioxide captured by industrial companies and pumped through a pipeline from Rotterdam to a depleted ...

    Report | 28-03-2024