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  1. Added Value of EU Grants in the Netherlands

    The Netherlands spent more than €7.4 billion in EU grants in 2014-2020. The European Commission and 4 Dutch ministers are ...

    Report | 18-10-2022

  2. Methodology appendix to the report The Added Value of EU Grants in the Netherlands

    Publication | 18-10-2022

  3. Institutional development cooperation between the Cour des Comptes Algeria and the Netherlands Court of Audit

    Speech by Ewout Irrgang, Vice-President of the Netherlands Court of Audit, 5 October 2022 Algiers, Algeria  

    Speech | 05-10-2022

  4. Focus on strategic stocks

    The Netherlands Court of Audit has investigated the government’s strategic stocks and their availability during an emergency. The ...

    Report | 29-09-2022

  5. Tackling the housing shortage

    The Dutch central government released €1 billion in 2020 and 2021 as an incentive for municipalities to build more houses. The ...

    Report | 23-06-2022

  6. Dutch benefit payments outside the Netherlands 

    Employee Insurance Agency’s implementation and control of the export of benefit payments About 2% of all the benefits paid out by ...

    Report | 22-06-2022

  7. How will Brexit affect the Netherlands?

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  8. How does the EU ensure that its member states keep their budgets in check?

    The 1992 Maastricht Treaty laid the foundation for coordination of the economic policies of the EU member states. The treaty sets ...

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  9. What measures has the EU taken in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine?

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  10. How has the EU responded to the impact of the Corona-crisis?

    The outbreak of the coronavirus in China at the end of 2019, and its spread across Europe and the rest of the world from February ...

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