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  1. Intervention in St Eustatius

    A case study in the Accountability Audit of Kingdom Relations For our 2022 Accountability Audit of Kingdom Relations we ...

    Publication | 17-05-2023

  2. Organised Impotence

    The role of central government in youth protection The Dutch government transferred responsibility for youth protection to ...

    Report | 13-04-2023

  3. Assessment framework Digital Identity Demanding a Lot from DigiD and eHerkenning

    Publication | 29-03-2023

  4. Digital Identity Demanding a Lot from DigiD and eHerkenning

    Report | 29-03-2023

  5. Payment schemes and government debt collection

    The 3 largest government debt collectors in the Netherlands give little thought to vulnerable citizens whose debt payments are so ...

    Report | 23-03-2023

  6. Insight into expenditure on climate policy

    How much money does the government spend on climate policy? The ministers concerned do not provide parliament with clear and ...

    Publication | 25-01-2023

  7. Focus on reception capacity for asylum seekers

    In 2022 the Dutch government budgeted just over €500 million for the Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (COA). In ...

    Report | 18-01-2023

  8. Factsheet Net payment position update 2022

    Publication | 13-01-2023

  9. How will Brexit affect the Netherlands?

    Frequently asked questions

  10. How does the EU ensure that its member states keep their budgets in check?

    The 1992 Maastricht Treaty laid the foundation for coordination of the economic policies of the EU member states. The treaty sets ...

    Frequently asked questions