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Where is the black-tailed godwit?

Policy to protect meadow birds is not working The policy to protect meadow birds such as the black-tailed godwit is not working. ...

Report | 14-12-2021

How will Brexit affect the Netherlands?

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How does the EU ensure that its member states keep their budgets in check?

The 1992 Maastricht Treaty laid the foundation for coordination of the economic policies of the EU member states. The treaty sets ...

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Macro-prudential supervision

The European Systemic Risk Board (ESRB) is designed to safeguard the soundness of the European financial system by undertaking ...

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The European Semester

The European Semester is the annual cycle of economic and budgetary policy coordination in the EU member states. The Semester ...

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EU macroeconomic surveillance: macroeconomic imbalances procedure

The EU monitors the macroeconomic situation in its member states. The European Commission keeps a scoreboard for each member ...

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Micro-prudential supervision

The ESFS’s micro-prudential supervision is aimed at individual institutions. Three sector-specific European supervisory ...

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Annexe 2 Aggregate benefits received by the Netherlands, accompanying the web page, The financial impact of EU COVID-19 measures on the Netherlands

Publication | 07-12-2021

What are the benefits of EU grants for the Netherlands?

European resources must be spent in compliance with the rules. But even if they are, this does not mean that the money has been ...

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How much does the Netherlands pay into the EU budget and how much does it receive?

The EU member states finance approximately 95% of the EU budget. In 2020 EU revenue and expenditure totaled over €173 billion. ...

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