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Revolving funds

The main question in this exploratory audit was ‘What does the landscape of central government’s revolving funds look like and ...

Report | 16-04-2019

Focus on the Dutch contribution to the reconstruction of Sint Maarten

Sint-Maarten needs more than just financial support for its reconstruction following the devastating hurricanes of September ...

Report | 13-12-2018

Letter to the House of Representatives on the Haiti audit

Parliamentary document: Letter to parliament | 05-03-2018

The Dutch government’s preparations aimed at achieving the Sustainable Development Goals

Parliamentary document: Letter to parliament | 13-09-2017

Monitoring development cooperation policy: the private financing channel

State in 2014 The Court of Audit has been examining developments in the use of Official Development Assistance (ODA) since 2011. ...

Report | 31-03-2016

Final Accounts for Haiti Aid Donations 2010-2014

The SHO has adapted it annual reports and improved the accounts it keeps of the aid the Netherlands donated to Haiti. We also ...

Report | 31-03-2016

Monitoring Development Cooperation Policy: multilateral organisations and the EU

The Court of Audit has carried out a fifth audit of developments in the expenditure of Official Development Assistance (ODA). We ...

Report | 09-12-2014

Accountability for Haiti aid 2013

People who donated to the Giro 555 appeal in the Netherlands cannot yet compare the results achieved by the cooperating aid ...

Report | 09-11-2014

Accounting for Haiti Aid Funds 2012

The Cooperating Aid Organisations (SHO) again made improvements in several important areas of their accounts for 2012 and there ...

Report | 11-12-2013

Monitoring development cooperation policy

State in 2012 The Court of Audit has completed the fourth in a series of audits of development cooperation policy. We audited the ...

Report | 13-11-2013

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